Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pounawea - finale

 Mealtimes at camp - such a pleasure not to have cooked or even thought about what to have.  The evening meals were very wholesome and nutritious, much like my Mom's cooking, while the lunches tended to be more modern (lasagne and quiches and the like).  Nick and I took to guessing what might be for the next dinner one night I thought, "I wonder what would be on my Mom's menu by now?  Frikkadels!"  Sure enough, unbelievably, we had frikkadels, boiled potato, beans and gravy.  A frikkadel is a giant meatball and is actually much tastier than the name would imply.  I never did like them growing up simply because of what they were called.  If only my Mom had renamed them to "delicious large balls of mince all fried up" I might have enjoyed my childhood more.  Be that as it may, we were well fed at camp.  All delegates were assigned to teams and the washing up, table settings, vege preparation etc was assigned to teams. 

 One afternoon we had "Pete's Paua Patties" as an optional extra.  I opted out, for sure, but Nick said they were very good.
 On Sunday night there was a camp-wide concert following the evening session.  9 pm was a late start but no one minded, and many participated with skits, jokes, music items and readings.  I had mentioned that I play the violin, so apart from becoming a regular part of the worship team, I was asked to accompany a guitar item (but without music, so had to improvise).  I also performed two violin pieces in the concert, with Nick doing guitar accompaniment for me.  I gave myself strict instructions not be nervous, but when I got up to play my fast klezmer piece I forgot to tighten my bow so played the first two bars with slack hairs.  Stopped the song, tightened the bow, cracked a joke, and started again.  Started in the wrong place and couldn't get my fingers to find the right notes so it started like I was pretending to mess around and play intentionally badly.  Stopped again, more joking about, and started again.  So nervous and rattled by this time that I added a magnificent right-hand vibrato.  Ah well.  The next piece after that was a ballad and went much better but not without some drastic mistakes.  But still, I guess the only way to beat stage nerves is to get better used to playing in public!
 Nick totally stole the show (judging by the feedback I received) with his guitar talent.  He performed one of his own songs, and also played an improv accompaniment with Merv, another talented muso. 
Nick's final message was on Sunday night before the concert and his ministry in Romans was very well received indeed throughout the camp.  I thought he did fabulously too!  Neville did a short series from Hebrews, "warnings from scripture".  Also well received.

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