Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bah-ba-queue to wedding to concert

Had a happy and eventful day today!  First up, after some morning shopping and cleaning, was a staff BBQ at the Goulet's house on Jellicoe Road (I mention the street name because as far as staff go, it's THE place to be...the Phillipses and one of our relieving teachers also live on this street).  Had a jolly good time - played badminton on the back lawn, visited Bubba the Pig and Chloe the Sheep in the paddock, and ate great food. 
Mr Phillips delivered a farewell speech to Mr Frank whose contract with us ends on Monday on the last day of term.  Mr Frank's singing down the corridors and general cheeriness will be missed around the school!
Left the boys at the Goulets and hurried off to our next event - a wedding! Nick was involved in the ceremony of Rachael Moore and Jone Vuetaki...a really special day for them and it was a lovely wedding.
There followed a post-ceremony afternoon tea with superb nibblies...
And later we met back at the Red Cross hall in town for the main reception.  Nick wowed everyone with his antics...he's not usually the life of the party, but today seemed to be in his element entertaining our table companions...

...who were Victoria,
...Peter and Faye Adolph, and their three lovely daughters,
...and Rebecca, who has just left TCS as a Year 8 and next year embarks on her high school adventures.
Left the wedding shortly after the cutting of the cake to catch a few acts at Christmas at the Bay, at Caroline Bay's soundshell.  Didn't stay long but enjoyed a couple of good items.
Good night!

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