Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday, all day

We hadn't known it was going to be a social Sunday today but after morning church the weather was so great it just needed to be celebrated with something...I took ingredients to make chicken-a-la-king to the Bothas and we combined with their BBQ.
The boys, of course, read while they waited...
At last, a good photo of Andreas' lovely mum, Betta.
Shot home for a while before afternoon church for Nick to do prep although it was a very short message for our Carols service.  Great singing of about 11 hymns and carols.  It was STILL a beautiful day at 5.30 so off to the beach we went, joined by the Gregorys, Camerons and most of the Phillipses.  Surprised to see a white horse enjoying a stroll and a splash in the waves!
I call this one, "two men looking a bit overgrown in a tiny boat":
Erin-Marie and Caleb Cameron braved these two inflatable watertight spheres - I reckon our Caleb and Aaron will have a go sometime during the holidays!

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