Saturday, October 01, 2011

Who in Wonderland?

Saturday morning, 10 am...Aaron's ukulele lesson.  Interestingly, the next pupil's name is Lucas.  Lucas plays his ukulele in a yellow ute.  Except for the yellow ute part...we just got silly making up a tongue twister.  Following the lesson was a Family Expedition (I would have used the word 'expotition', Pooh Bear style, but then thought I might have to explain it as perhaps not everyone has read Winnie the Pooh and might just assume I have bad speling) in which we acquired face paints and South African flags for the boys to use on their mufti-day on Friday coming, last day of term.  Took a brief swing out to the Crows Nest looking for some wheels to replace the ones Nick broke whilst ramping merrily down the back yard but found nothing (that is to say, we found nothing at the Crows Nest - Nick was not looking for anything at the bottom of the back yard); last stop was the Warehouse (where everyone know the rest).  Had some quiet family time at home in the afternoon - the boys read, Nick pottered, and I got myself ready for a Youth Group Ball, themed 'Alice in Wonderland' (not our church's doing).  I wasn't an attendee; I was hired to take photographs - but I had been invited to dress up.  Couldn't possibly let an opportunity like that pass me by...had fun as a mad-hatter styled photographer!

Many of the kids really went to town as well, and the results were great.  These are some of my favs:
Above, Erin-Marie and Dannica; below, Miss Ferguson (one of our teachers) in the centre as the White Queen
So many Alice's...
Love this one of Jeremiah!!
Oh guys and cute!
Nick and the boys, meanwhile, were at the Camerons - we started there for tea (Chinese - yum!!), and I met up with them again when I was done. I was glad that Nick didn't have to spend his Saturday night alone while I was out working!

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