Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hurray for warmth!

So...after Monday's amazing weather, Tuesday brought mild flooding to Timaru with nearly horizontal sheets of rain and ridiculously strong wind.  It was NOT a day to be outdoors.  Timaru seldom gets anything more than drizzle or gentle rain - this was rare for us.  Nevertheless, the day's plans went ahead - Aaron went to holiday club (Caleb has gotten sick again and was coughing to much to be allowed out); I went to school in the morning and the studio in the afternoon.  Wednesday was as windy but the rain had pretty much dried up, and our schedules were the same as Tuesday - Caleb still at home and driving Nick nuts with his coughing.  He was much better today and so pleased to be allowed out the house to join Aaron at the holiday club.  So thankful that he's improving as we have church camp this coming weekend and certainly don't want anything like a repeat of last year's Bug Drama.  Today's forecast promised warmer weather but it was chilly all day despite some patches of sun...but when I went outside after tea at 6 pm there was a change!  We all got so excited that we decided to talk a walk to Dashing Rocks, one of our favourite spots and an ideal walking destination (looking forward to showing that one to you, Popsie and Mumsie!).  The sun was still high, the clouds had blown away, and there was a gentle nor'wester blowing.  It was beautiful and balmy.  The washing dried on the line between 6 and 7 pm! 

I love that this particular beach has so many treasures - there are heaps of shells and bits of interestingness to look at.

7 pm, and the sky started looking just a little bit amazing...still another hour before sunset.

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Genevieve said...

Well we are trading you then; here it is getting quite chilly. It seems only fair though, doesn't it?
What a blessing to live with the beach (almost) at your doorstep!