Sunday, October 09, 2011

SA's final

Nick preached two outstanding sermons again - the morning's one was largely focused around Paul's work ethic - very encouraging and challenging!  In the afternoon family bible class we were on the topic of the resurrection, looking at all the wrong theories and then honing in on the biblical truths.  Very interesting indeed.  Had a quiet afternoon at home between services, then were off to rugby at 6 pm, just missing the kick-off (next time we phone ahead to the take-away place for chips!).  We gathered with a group of South African supporters and it was certainly entertaining to see how intense the support was, and not always from the people one would expect :)  Alas, the result was not to our liking but clearly the Bokke were the better team despite the score!  Off to Matt and Rachel for the All Blacks game at 8.30...a predictable result and time for some shut-eye...So now we support our home team for the remainder of the world cup.

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