Monday, October 24, 2011

Combined GBC and MRBC Family Camp

Following last year's bug epidemic at church camp, I was not hugely excited or anticipatory of this year's camp - silly, since the bug last year was not camp related, it just happened to hit us there.  But I'm pleased to say that camp was AWESOME!!!  Despite some coughing and itchy noses in the family, we were well, and didn't pass diseases on to anyone :)  The camp speaker, Steve Hofmaier, gave us much good food; with the Spirit's conviction there were many challenges to consider particularly in evangelism methods and urgency. 
Above - air rifle shooting; Aaron came second out of all participants on camp!  Below - Nick enjoying coffee and a chat with Steve.
Aside from the meetings, there was also much enjoyment to be found in the fellowship together with Grace Baptist Church - we spent a lot of time singing and jamming (in one of our sessions we rustled up a 7-member band...guitar, piano, mandolin, violin, trombone, flute and acoustic bass!), playing sport and indoor games, eating the great food masterminded by the Sinclair team, and not to forget the memorable RWC final - it was pretty special to be in the country of the winning team, surrounded by patriotic enthusiasts! 
 We were blessed to be able to be at camp the full three nights, returning home exhausted and in need of sleep and a shower on Monday afternoon.

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