Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Future Me

Two years ago the boys and I made a timebox, containing video interviews of the boys, letters to their future selves, and mementos of the island and things that were important to them at the time which they wanted to carry into the future.  We had sealed and marked the box for opening in October 2011...today was the day!  The boys were very excited...somewhat disappointed when they actually unveiled the contents, but it was fun nevertheless.  Interesting to see a thank-you letter from Samuel W tucked in there!  Before the holidays are over we'll need to put together the next one for two years' time. 

I had to go to the office again during the morning; in the late afternoon Nick took the boys for a walk to Dashing Rocks.  I had a violin lesson so couldn't join them, but Nick came back with some awesome pics:

(The boys had been mucking about with facepaints during the day - Aaron looks a bit like a cyborg here with one dark eye!)

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Genevieve said...

Time capsules are fun! Indeed this blog is like a bit of a time capsule, isn't it? (but I think thats what you intended all along...)

Wonderful bright new look here!