Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go MY team!

Felt convicted about my poor use of time over the holidays, so didn't pick up my violin until I'd done some domestic stuff...Nick was out chopping wood all day, so the boys and I were left to do our own thing.  I baked banana bread, biscotti and peanut butter biscuits; did some ironing, some cleaning, took the boys to the Warehouse (where they got a bargain and bought a drawing book); by 5.30 when Nick got back I was exhausted and we had pizza for tea! 
Sunday, and a mind-boggling afternoon service about Jesus' resurrection and its meaning and application for us.  We were at Olive for lunch where she served us a feast of roast chicken, taters and pumpkin, broccoli, gravy, and blackboy peach and apple tart with custard AND ice-cream for dessert.  After the pm service we came home for a while, then went to the Kempfs for the rugby and a bit of socializing.  Thoroughly enjoyed the game (fell asleep in the second half but there wasn't a whole of scoring going on then anyway, and in my defense the game only started at 9 pm!).  Thrilled that the All Blacks are through to the final! 
This second image, below, is really the proper one, but the first one was so funny when I examined it that I had to include it - everyone but one lad is absorbed in some way with food!  Caleb had just landed a plateful of nuts and chips on the floor in the second one...sigh...

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