Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vive la Aotearoa!

Moving day for Liz and Graham...many hands helped. Pretty convenient to use Tom's courier van which Nick said swallowed up couches with room to spare! Took hotdogs around for lunch and found plates and cups aplenty in the cupboards - the Gregorys have been working hard already!
7 pm, and off to watch the NZ/France game at Tom and Mariette's home.  Tom is an avid supporter and their home was festively decorated with flags and bunting and all sorts of world cup paraphernalia.  Mariette managed to sneak in the old SA flag! 
Riley, Sam and Richard standing for the NZ national anthem, the words and pronunciation of which we have yet to learn!  The game was pretty awesome - I thought our All Blacks played fabulously which is saying a lot considering my lack of appreciation for all things rugby!  I was proud to be an All Black supporter though and suddenly felt very patriotic (despite still being an SA passport holder :) ).
It was Sam's birthday today and Bron had organized a cake on the quiet, which Tom brought out during half time - we had been informed that there was to be no getting up for food or drinks during the play! 

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