Monday, September 05, 2011

Strange things

On Thursday we had Aaron back at school albeit with a bad cough still, and Caleb spent yet another day at home. He was a bit unsure about wanting to be back at school on Friday having missed so much work, and he did struggle a bit, but all was well. Saturday was another busy day with Nick doing a bit of helping in one direction, and me doing a bit of helping in another. All we had left together was the late afternoon and evening, but it was enough to go to the Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain) to shop for Father's Day pressies for Nick. The boys and I chose some things while Nick meandered around on his own. Sunday mornings are a bit too tightly scheduled with Nick going over his sermon for us to celebrate, so we did the gift-giving on Saturday night instead. The boys thought Nick's antics hilarious of course!
Sunday was a lovely day with the monthly fellowship lunch between services - and we had Graham and Lizzie playing acoustic bass guitar and piano respectively, which along with Nick's and my guitar and mandolin made quite a jolly band!  We had had in mind to text the Camerons after church to pop on, but they beat us to the punch and brought pizzas and chips to our place after the evening service for tea.  It was most excellent to catch up with them - it's definitely been way too long in between! 

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