Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bone Fire

Nick was off early with Andreas to chop wood and spent the whole day out, so the boys and I had to amuse ourselves in some way.  We met up with Danielle for a chai latte at Mitre 10's coffee shop, but I realized that I had left my eftpos card at home so any further shopping was postponed...went home, cleaned the house a bit, then went out again after lunch to the Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain) - found Danielle and several bargains there.  I bought a small bookshelf for the lounge which needed some assembling, so did that when we got home again, vacuumed up all the bits of polystyrene which escaped from the box, and rearranged the lounge a bit.  All good.  Played the violin in the afternoon; the boys were outside enjoying the sunshine and mild weather.  At 5.15 Nick still wasn't home and it was time to head over to the Camerons for their annual Spring Bonfire - Nick met up with us there later on when the fire was well underway.  We debated the origins of the word 'bonfire' - Matt had a theory, I had another - both made up and both somewhat believable if you're super gullible. Actually, according to Wikipedia, the name 'bonfire' is believed to be derived from the Celtic custom of burning the bones of the cattle which were slaughtered at this time of year - a 'bone fire'.  There you go. 
Huge pile of rubbish to burn...any old bones chucked in there?

Ah, my young terrorist - balaclava and all!
Some of the Snook ladies - Jemima, my violin teacher, far right.
Bit of saturation and contrast there for you Matt!

Of course no bonfire is complete without marshmallows!  Caleb Cameron above trying not to get too close while Hannah, below, happily got herself as muddy as possible - good thing it was dark so she couldn't see what was actually on her fingers :)

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