Thursday, September 22, 2011

Upstaged by the bridesmaeds!

Back into the work week on Monday - felt really grotty at school so left at lunchtime and came home to sleep.  Some sort of mild flu or something I should think which developed into tiredness, a mild cough and a slightly runny nose, thankfully nothing more.  Thursday evening we had Graham and Liz around for a quick tea - they are in the process of shifting and a drop-in for the other half of a large cheese and macaroni was just the ticket.  I left them in Nick's capable company around 7 pm to get back to the school for Miss Carter's Hen's Party (Toni Carter is Caleb and Aaron's teacher - the boys think very highly of her - she's quite superb!).  Kere and Lisa, along with Janet, did an excellent job of the arranging of games and silliness, although they turned the spotlight on themselves so as not to embarrass Toni.  We laughed and laughed!  Amazing the drama talent that had been quietly hidden...
Fun to watch the ladies' reactions as they came through the door - Chrissy, Joy, Petru and Linda (all TCS staff) get their first glimpse of the maids-of-horror.

Toni - appropriately dolled up
Some ice-breakers and gettoknowyou stuff (apologies to Petru and Linda who trustingly took many squares of toilet paper and had to share many facts about themselves as a result :) )

Unlike St Helena, NZ has never seen a nation-wide toilet paper shortage, but if ever there were to be one it would have followed on after this evening's fun!
Ahem...intentionally awful!

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