Monday, September 26, 2011

Long weekend, much needed

Happy South Canterbury day to all South Cantabrians, us included!  Good to sleep in because the down side of daylight savings is the dark mornings again...sunrise currently around 7.15 am!  Used the morning to clean the house in preparation for an afternoon barbeque in which we had Liz and Graham, Andreas and Danielle, the Phillipsies, and 20 venison sausages for lunch.  Were we ever stuffed :)  Rene joined us for pudding and a sing-song a bit later on...Bron couldn't make it so we'll have to make up for it on another occasion, ey Possum #1?  We had a merry band of Grant on organ, Liz on trombone, Graham on accoustic bass (I think, but stand to be was certainly some sort of guitar), Nick on guitar, and me on violin, along with Andreas, Danielle, Petru and Rene on vocals.   A joyful noise if ever there was one!
Above: is this not a face that has 'naughty child' written all over it?  Lizzie messing with my knife and fork arrangement...was appropriately told-off :)
Thanks to Andreas and Graham for their new meaning to 'bring'n'braai' for you South Africans!
Another sunny day with just a hint of southern breeze. 

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