Friday, September 23, 2011

Freaky Friday

Had a most interesting day at school, quite unlike any other - our new principal, Bethany Rentoul, visited the school for the day along with one of her daughters who will be starting in the new term.  First impressions were favourable, from our side anyway - let's hope it was mutual!  The special occasion necessitated a large gathering for morning tea along with some delicious eats, and then another large gathering an hour later at lunch time.  Great to have the BoT with us for lunch as well - we certainly made a festive gathering even if the laughter was more from nervousness than actual jollification :) I did individual photos of all the staff during the lunch break as well - some were keen to let their hair down!  Scary Chairman of the Board...or ??
Mr Willers, below, has the boys' class one morning every week, in which they mostly do fun stuff like play music and learn how to gamble. (This pic was taken before everyone came in and just in case there are worried parents reading this blog, it WAS posed, and he doesn't REALLY teach gambling!) 
 Tea was fish'n'chips at Patiti Point.  It was really cold though so we didn't hang around for long. 


Genevieve said...

Ha, ha, ha , love the shot with Aaron making a face! He gets me every time! (I wonder if he will ever be in the theatre?) Good shot overall too, with Caleb fuzzy in the foreground.

Raymond said...

Really liked that last photo! Nice one.