Saturday, September 17, 2011

Them cauliflower ears

Nick was off early to Ashburton with Grant, to meet with the elders of the Grace Baptist Church in Christchurch - they try to have a regular meeting at a halfway point.  With our combined family camp coming up in October it was time to touch sides again!  Petru kindly drove Aaron to his ukulele lesson - normally he wouldn't mind missing a lesson but his teacher has given him the tablature version of Pink Panther to work on, which Nick has been helping him with - he couldn't wait to show her the progress, and he really is doing well with it.  I think the uke has finally clicked with him and now he's keen to improve.  Nick was home after lunch and we had a quiet afternoon together - a bit of grocery shopping, some reading, playing music etc.  And then off to Rugby Street for rugby!!  We gathered with a crowd of South Africans and the occasional kiwis to watch the SA vs Fiji game.  I was bored but found their shoes amusing and confusing - apparently rugby boots are not regulated by colour laws.  I did learn about cauliflower ears so it was an educational evening!

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