Saturday, August 13, 2011

Filling up Saturday's schedule

The rest of the school/work/workatschool week passed by quickly - I got totally frazzled on Thursday morning when the school's newsletter had to go out, and couldn't quite get it ready by the first deadline, despite missing morning tea - it was one of those mornings where you really want to get stuck into something but there seem to be more 'interruptions' than time to deal with them! By the end of Friday afternoon I was feeling a lot more settled in the office, starting to find my way around, and have concluded that I quite like my job :)

This morning when we woke up it was bliss to know that we had not a single plan in place - the day was ours to do with as we wished (to the glory of God of course!). After Aaron's ukulele lesson we went to the Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain) which is now a flash new Warehouse Extra, with lots of shelves still needing sorting though, but it's considerably bigger and better than our original store. I acquired a pair of snow boots since there are heavy snowfalls forecast for the next few days for the entire country including Timaru (which we found hard to believe considering how sunny it was at lunch time), and I had visions of walking to church over ice-covered pavements in regular shoes with sodden feet. Better to be prepared. We stopped in at a filling station later in the day and people were filling up gas bottles, in readiness for possible power cuts!! Timaru is not known for snow, but when it did snow heavily six years ago, all sorts of things happened - power outages for a few days for some people. We've got the potbelly on which we can cook basics and boil water, so we'd be okay for a day or two if that happened. After lunch we started a game of monopoly, and were still in the thick of buying properties from the bank when Josh C called, wanting to know if the boys could come and keep him company while Matt was playing tennis. Since we had organized some visits for the afternoon, we were happy to oblige instead of taking the boys with us. First stop then, after dropping Caleb, Aaron, their scooters and some spy-gear at the tennis courts, was at John on his farm in Waimate. As he's in the middle of his very busy cow season he's unable to get to church as regularly as he'd like, so we took a bit of church to him. Had a good visit for an hour, then headed back up State Highway #1 to Lindsay and Nyree. Again, enjoyed a lovely visit with them, and Nyree trimmed my hair. She is an excellent hairdresser; between her and the scissors she successfully interpreted my vague instructions. Lovely to meet Lindsay's daughter Rachel - a bubbly 19-year-old with the most wonderful elocution! Left them around 4pm and went to collect the boys, who were now with Josh at Caleb's dance competition. We arrived in time to watch one of Caleb's numbers and he's really excellent - he came second in this one and won a trophy for best boy. Back home at 5; Nick and the boys shifted all our firewood to just outside the back door in case of snow - Nick even had the presence of mind to leave a shovel right there in case we had to dig our way out the house. Well, one never knows. Back to our Monopoly game after tea which ran until about 9 am and in which Nick won again. We didn't really expect any other result!!

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