Friday, August 05, 2011

FBS...full brain syndrome

And just like that, another week is over, and my week of training in the school office comes to an end...we felt like we nowhere nearly covered the vast amount and variety of work, so I'm a little nervous about Monday when I can't hold Magda's hand! We worked until 5 pm on Friday, by which time my head had no more room for any further info and Magda and I were both trashed, so we called it a day. The boys had been very patiently waiting in the library, not once coming to ask how much longer we were going to be, and not even asking for anything to eat!!

Nick had surprised and blessed me by picking up some of my housework tasks during the day...I dropped Vijay off at the bus station this morning at 8 am, and so after four weeks we have no more house guests and things can return to a state of 'normal' much as can be in the Clevely household! Nick had stripped the bed, done a load of washing, turned the guest room back into my craft room, vacuumed the carpets, washed the dishes, and had the kettle boiled ready to make coffee. I didn't have to cook either - we decided on hot dogs which Nick assembled.

Youth in the evening was cancelled due to so many kids being sick and unable to attend, so instead we went and hung out with Chrissy, Isaac and Jeremiah for an hour.

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