Monday, August 08, 2011

Callander Girl achieves prestigious NZ title!

Yesterday, Sunday, was a blessed day and lovely to have a rest. Nick was back in the pulpit after a few weeks of being on and off with Micah, then youth camp, then Vijay's ministry. We had our monthly fellowship lunch, then had to pop in at Andreas and Danielle to collect their car to borrow, as ours broke on Saturday night. It was quite strange, really - as Nick was pulling into the driveway after dropping off Erin-Marie after our evening out, the car started revving really high. He turned it off, and as soon as he started it up again it was full throttle. We had thus to walk to church on Sunday morning, and the Lord in His grace and goodness held off some very large raindrops until we were literally at the door. It started off as a lovely walk in the sunshine, but grew cold and frightfully windy until the rain came. We felt so blessed! Back to the car story though, Nick tried it again in the afternoon and lo and behold the problem had resolved, and has been fine since. Double blessing!

And then Monday came, and back to school: my nerves were frayed as I considered all the tasks I had before me at work and knew I wasn't sure how to do! But the morning went quickly and nothing terribly awful happened...I was hugely relieved by morning's end that I'd been able to work through a few bits and pieces without falling apart. Off to the studio at 12, where excitement was running high as Rachel, my lovely boss, had found out that she was in the running for some very Serious Photography Awards...I'll speed on to the next bit which is 11 pm on Monday night where winners were announced at a gala event in Rotorua: Rachel now holds the title of NZ Wedding Photographer of the Year! You can read about it here. This is a huge honour, and I don't think anyone was more deserving of the title - congratulations Rach, and did I mention I'm a huge fan?? Yay, whoop whooop!!!(Pic from Timaru Herald by Natasha Martin)

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