Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bye bye Brookers :(...

Seems we have petty crime in Timaru - Nick's ax has disappeared from the courtyard, and we can't fathom where it would have gone. Have finally concluded that someone came and nicked it. Went on a family outing to the Warehouse in the afternoon - Nick bought himself a new wood splitter, and a mini version for the boys to make kindling. I bought blonde hairdye - with spring coming, it's time for the red to disappear. Unfortunately Nick had more success with his ax than I had with my dye, so I'll have to make another separate attempt as I ended up with blonde roots on top of the my head and the same pinkish red for the rest. I've been cautioned by a few in the know not to experiment too much as (a) I could go Khaki Green or (b) my hair could break off at the roots. Neither one of those would be a satisfactory outcome.
The final final farewell for the Brookers happened on Saturday night at the school, in the style of 'bring your own takeaways for a picnic' - a great idea. The PTA organized drinks and desserts and had done a superb job of setting up the hall with picnic tables, benches, and bin bags for the rubbish. There was a good turnout; most notable was the group of ex-TCS students who presented Shaun with a canvas autographed by them all. I think it says a lot about a principal when past students who are now cool teenagers come back to pay tribute!

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