Friday, August 19, 2011

And Timaru gets...?

After the excitement of Monday's snow, we were all geared up for it on Tuesday, anticipating a school closure or at least a half day...there was a substantial amount of snow on the ground, but horror of horrors, it started raining around 6.30 am...all the snow melted although my tiny snowman braved the rain for several hours before disappearing into puddle. And that was the end of the snow. It rained allllllllll day - dreary and cold. And hugely disappointing, I might add, that while practically the whole nation was making snow angels, we were just wet. By Wednesday it had started clearing up, and Thursday we had washing hanging outside again. Caleb was off school on Friday as he had been coughing a lot during the week and needed a day of being inside and resting. Aaron tried to plead sore tummy, cough, sniffs...anything to stay home, but no joy from his parents on that one! Work for me has been up and the morning I leave home feeling stressed, and in the afternoon I come home depressed about the many things I still don't know about the job!! Poor Nick has had to deal with a trying wife this week :)

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Genevieve said...

It takes time to learn - you will get it all in time! Be patient!