Friday, August 26, 2011

And the winner is...

Have I mentioned that our school is in a transition period? This week we farewelled Mr Brooker, the principal of Timaru Christian School. It's been excellent working with Shaun over the last few weeks in the office, and we've known the school has been in good hands! But change is inevitable, and Shaun and Bronwyn are relocating to Auckland. The staff had a final morning tea together with speeches and pressies, and the kids got together for a final assembly on Friday afternoon and sang a song and prayed - it was an emotional day; rushing a student to hospital with a broken arm didn't help either but certainly made it a memorable day! In the evening I had the novel job of photographing the winners of each category in the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce Hospitality and Tourism Awards, under the auspices of Callander Girl Photography - Rachel had set up a backdrop and lighting, so all I had to do was arrive and click the button on her delicious D700. It was fun, especially sitting in the green room with the MC / guest speaker who was unknown to me, but as it turns out he is a famous personality, and I quote "one of the most recognised faces on New Zealand television". Well there you go...we don't have a TV!

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