Friday, January 19, 2007

This and That

Let me start with yesterday’s happenings…school was fun, with a science experiment to do with expanding air. We made a coin jump on top of an empty long-necked bottle by heating the air inside the bottle. It worked very well. We have a DVD of every single experiment that we will do this year, fully demonstrated, so if ours doesn’t work, then we can at least watch it. It’s great to have such a good guide. Caleb still thinks school is boring though. After a quick lunch I went to Lorna, as I couldn’t make our regular Monday slot since we had that luncheon appointment. I had a great time with Lorna and Liz yesterday. For some reason I was in a silly mood and didn’t really feel inspired to make necklaces, so instead I helped Lorna with some of her fixy-projects, and then made a space-man dangle for a necklace she was trying…she had started off with a normal looking thing, but it looked like a little person with a head, neck and body, so I just added arms and legs. This with much laughter, but she thought it was adorable and will actually use it (definitely will be a talking point!) Home at 3, fed and watered the boys, and then popped off with them to Maureen, to drop off a birthday card I had made for her. Got home just in time to make supper of drumsticks and chips and beans, and then at 7 we had a short Sunday School meeting to discuss our first Sunday. This Sunday coming we will be having an experimental day of services. We will start at 9.30 with a Lay Preachers’ Service running concurrently with Sunday School, then have a tea break, and then have our regular, although combined, service at 11.00, followed by a finger-lunch in the schoolroom. It is experimental because we haven’t tried this full-morning sort of program before, with a Sunday School included. Should be interesting.

Today after school, and learning about William Tyndale and snowflakes, I tidied the house in preparation for an afternoon visit with Janet and the boys. Since our boys all had such a good time on Tuesday, they came to us today. Well, all four of them ran riot and got completely silly and out of hand, but they had good fun. Janet and I had a quiet chat in the lounge. She is very pleasant and easy to chat with, so we had a good time. They left at 4 to go have a swim. We might meet up tomorrow afternoon at the pool if the weather’s good, otherwise I’ll definitely make a plan to say goodbye before they leave on Saturday. I gave her a box of old clothes which she will be able to give away to poor people in Cape Town, since there are no poor people on the island that I can give clothes to. Supper was the second half of Tuesday’s macaroni, and then Nick left for Bible Study at 5. This is the first week of being back into regular routines, poor Nick wasn’t looking forward to all the driving around again.

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