Sunday, January 28, 2007

Plantation Forest on a seed hunt

We didn’t have very much scheduled for school today, but there was an experiment to do, which was more like an exploration of seeds and how they travel. I had decided that we would go to Plantation to look for dandelions and burrs, and it happened to coincide nicely with Nick finishing his sermon prep before lunch, so we all went together for a picnic lunch first and then a walk through the woods. I found a couple of dandelion sort of things which we could examine, but no burrs – just the wrong kind of forest! You know you’re a homeschooling mom when…you go for a walk and end up digging mud to take home to see if any seeds will grow in it! The mud went into a plastic bag with some water, and is sitting on the windowsill now along with a kidney bean in blotting paper. The boys were absolutely great during the walk. We did a fairly long round-trip route and instead of complaining that it was too long etc etc, the boys were ahead of us most of the time. Caleb goes far on his own, very confidently, and Aaron wasn’t far behind him. Great that they’re enjoying the outdoors and getting better at hikes. Nick took the boys swimming during the later part of the afternoon, and supper was the usual Friday pizza. Oh yes, I thought there was a bit of a yeast shortage, so when I found a 500g packet at Thorpes, I was elated! I don’t think I’ll have to buy yeast again, at least not until September next year when it expires…

This morning we had GNC, and then the girls (and some boys) rushed off to our place to see the necklaces again. They didn’t even wait to get their popcorn, poor Nick W brings it every week so faithfully and now they don’t even stick around for it. Made some good sales again. A lot of the kids just stayed to play afterwards, but I had to get some shopping done (breakfast cereals and milk, mainly), so I left Nick at home with everyone. For some reason they are never in a hurry to go home, I guess because there’s nothing better to really do at home. They all have fun playing in the back yard with the tree house, so we’re cool with that.

Nick took the boys to visit the prison quickly this afternoon. They weren’t gone long, just long enough for Caleb and Aaron to see the inside of the prison and say hello to the inmates. I think they enjoyed it, and I’m sure Nick’s contacts enjoyed meeting his children.

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