Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Day

After and quiet morning and lunch, we headed off to Francis Plain (i.e. Prince Andrews High School), where there was a big New Year’s Day bash happening from 12 noon, running through to midnight tonight. There were lots of food stalls about, and a few car boot type sales, where we picked up 4 hotwheel cars for the boys. Since we had just had lunch, we bought some juices and chips and sat down under cover (to get shade) to enjoy those. As always, you see lots of people you know, so there was a nice sort of atmosphere. Unfortunately the fair was completely rained out during the afternoon, by which time we were already home and watching a DVD.

Yesterday Nick got busy with the hammer and nails again, and made a flowerbox to go on the highest kitchen windowsill. This morning then, he and the boys painted it a lovely shade of red, sort of an oxblood colour, which Aaron managed to get on his legs so he looks like he’s been bleeding, but which I’m sure he had fun doing. This afternoon Nick planted out three geraniums into the now-dried pot, and put it in place. It looks pretty there. Sometime soon he will go up the mountain and get some more small geranium plants which we’ll look after and grow.

The Governor’s Cup Race is a yacht race from Cape Town to St Helena, which I think happens every second year. Once here, the yachts are hoisted aboard the RMS and shipped back to Cape Town, as it’s very difficult sailing a yacht against the trade winds (normally yachts go to Brazil from here, always west). The race started on the 28th of December, and they are expecting the winner to arrive on the 5th or 6th. Apparently “Our Dianne”, which is the island-manned yacht, is in the lead. I gather this is quite a big event around here.

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