Friday, January 26, 2007

Classroom organized

I had a call this morning while I was in the last section of school, to say that I could collect a desk and two chairs from St Paul’s Middle School - this after I phoned last week to ask about the availability of furniture to borrow. I was so excited that I left as soon as we were finished. It’s a cute little desk, quite old-fashioned (no inkwell, not that old!), and two small chairs. The boys are completely delighted with it as I hoped they would be, and raring to go with school tomorrow. I’m extremely pleased and relieved to have a proper sized desk because it’s very important that children develop a good posture for writing. After lunch we went to the library, but first to Queen Mary’s to buy a chalk board. I have also borrowed a globe from the school, as the lady in charge said I could make use of any of their resources, because with all the downsizing and school closures, there is a lot of spare equipment. I had to laugh at the globe – I always look for St Helena on a map, but on this one it has only finger-worn spaces over St Helena and Ascension – you can just make out the writing, but obviously many little fingers have pointed to those two islands!

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