Monday, January 15, 2007

Sunday Lunch

Some good news – Nick’s amp returned from getting the new component put in, and it’s working now. We are so relieved about it, because when it first blew, we thought that was the end of that and a big waste of money. But the only thing lost was time, so no problem. Nick is very happy with his whole guitar configuration now – he has an amp for each guitar, with the electric guitar amp having loads of effects, and then a separate pedal for the acoustic guitar/amp, which he can also use on the electric, so he will never be at a loss for different sounds.

Today has been a nice Sunday. Paul Stroud just missed Nick for a lift to church – he came by the house at 10.45, as he had been at the docks hoping for a position on one of the yachts. There was a fun race around the bay today, and anyone interested could participate or catch a ride. I contemplated taking the boys, but when I heard it would be a few hours, I thought we’d rather skip it! Anyway, Nick and I had decided to invite Paul to lunch, so when he came by I extended the invitation, and then he asked if he could just stay at our place until lunch, otherwise his friends would be bugging him to hang out, which he wants to avoid doing. I didn’t mind, so he came in and went out to the back, where he played ball with the boys and chatted to them. That was quite nice, otherwise the boys might have been a bit bored. Lunch was beef steaks (quite peppery, but nice), potato bake, beans and sweetcorn. I enjoyed the meal. After lunch Nick showed Paul the amp, as Paul also plays a bit of guitar, so that took some time and was quite loud, during which time I came upstairs to do…what else, scrapping. Then we watched Aladdin with the boys – Paul hadn’t seen it, so watched the whole thing too, and then left. After that we went to the pool, where Nick and I read books while the boys swam. Always plenty of kids for them to play with. Then it was supper of sandwiches, and church. The message was very good, about Jesus’ betrayal, and how you can look and act so much like a Christian without actually being one – the disciples had no idea that Judas was the betrayer. Nick also touched on forgiveness, as Jesus had loved Judas throughout his ministry.

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