Thursday, January 11, 2007

More visits

I spent a large part of the day tidying and sorting, mostly in my craft room. Every time I have a box arriving for me on the ship, I have to tidy my room again and get it ready to put out the new stuff! I did all the ironing while listening to the radio, because there was a very nice morning slot hosted by Tammy Williams and her sister, both strong Christians in the SDA church. They have been doing a children’s show twice a week during the school holidays, so when the boys heard them playing nice music and talking to “the boys and girls”, they arranged themselves in a cramped little corner of my room next to the radio. When Colette said “don’t go away” and Caleb nearly got up, Aaron was very concerned because the lady had just said they mustn’t go away! They had a competition on the go for children to phone in their wise words, particularly as to how the people of the island can get along better with each other. I encouraged Caleb to think of something, so we phoned the station with “don’t do anything in anger”. When I had finished the ironing and it was time for tenzees (at about 10.30), we went downstairs and I was surprised to see someone sitting in the lounge with Nick. He’s a pastor at a church in Cape Town, not Baptist, sort of non-denominational, but evangelical. Lovely guy, very charismatic, who had actually come as part of the crew on one of the yachts. He didn’t stay too long, but will probably come to church on Sunday night.

I’ve been decorating the diningroom to look like a classroom, with the alphabet, numbers, maps etc stuck up on the walls. After tea I made some origami birds (after Nick showed me how to make it properly, because I couldn’t work it out from the book’s instructions), and then strung them up from the ceiling on fishing gut, while the boys watched a DVD. At 5 pm, Svetlana, Tsvetan and George came by, primarily so that Georgie could play with Caleb, but I had also invited them to dinner. The boys had a wild time playing, and Caleb has promoted George to ‘best friend’. Sorry Aaron. George turns 6 next month, so they are very close in age.

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