Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fresh fish delivered to our door

We were glad to see that the tern survived another day. Always happy to see it still perched in its box when we go down for breakfast! One of the ladies who works for the agriculture/fisheries department came by this morning with a bird cage, as I had contacted them on Monday to ask for advice in helping the bird. It’s quite a big cage with three perches, but unfortunately our little fledgling is too small for it – it tries to get out between the bars, and managed to get one wing, one foot and its head through, but then had nowhere to go. So we’re back to the box for now.

During the afternoon, Nick went out to do a guitar lesson, during which time I had a visitor who was a stranger to me, but he had a delivery of two fresh mackerel and a chunk of frozen wahoo, for the bird. You have to love the way things happen here – you just mention something to someone, and next thing you know, you’ve been organized. I was extremely pleased to get the mackerel, and have cut them up (using industrial gloves) into bite-sized pieces. This bird can sluk quite a big chunk of fish, so we’ve moved right away from mashing it up with milk! I’ve put most of the fish into the freezer, frozen flat for easy access. Honestly, the things you do for animals…I took longer cutting up the mackerel than I did making our own supper!

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