Monday, September 25, 2006

Swimming again

It’s been a lovely calm, clear day today – the sun had a late start and came out at about lunch time, but after that it was clear the rest of the day. Nick deemed it fit for swimming, so this afternoon we headed for the pool. The boys jumped right in, no fears or hesitation after not swimming for so many months. They really loved being back in the water and Aaron was soon shivering, but insisted on staying in. Nick threw them around in the water so they were shrieking with laughter. I didn’t swim, but it was great to be sitting outside under an umbrella, enjoying the cool breeze and just happy to be there. After the swimming we went home quickly to get changed, and pick up some refreshments, then went up to Rosemary Plain. Nice afternoon at the Plain – slightly too cool there for short sleeves, but we had appropriate clothing. Nick kicked a ball around a bit, and the boys just sort of ran around doing their own thing. The picture was taken at Rosemary Plain, and they boys were being tigers in the long grass.

Nick says that the Sandy Bay church was well attended this morning, as there were several guests in attendance from the Church of England. They only have service every second week, and so are often invited, usually the third week of the month, to come to the Sandy Bay service. Some have said they prefer the Baptist service to the CoE, but because they were born or married into the CoE, they won’t change.

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