Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jesus' Pretty Clothes

Good News Club was just that this morning - Nick preached and explained the gospel again from a different angle, about dressing in the righteousness of Christ, from the parable of the wedding feast and not being properly attired. Caleb obviously listened, because at evening devotions he prayed for forgiveness, and to be dressed in the nice clothes that Jesus gives us. Aaron is also finally starting to think about things and ask questions. He was looking at their Bible, at the picture of Jesus on the cross, and this led to a discussion of what happened to Jesus after that. He actually didn’t know the details of what happened and thought an angel took Jesus out the tomb, so I explained that Jesus came alive again, and he was amazed to hear it. His little mind is starting to work and tick. Anyway, back to GNC – if ever I need an ego boost, that is the place to be. This morning I wore a denim skirt and colourful top, and the girls all commented when I walked in – “we like your skirt, ma’am”, “we like your top”, “your shoes are pretty”, and so on.

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