Friday, September 15, 2006

Deep Blue

We decided that we couldn’t possibly put the horrible little arrangements of artificial flowers in bottles back into the chapel, so I made another arrangement. I pulled out all the suitable red and white flowers from the others, and then went to Queen Mary’s and bought a whole lot more to add to them. QMs had marked down a lot of their flower stock, so I got quite a lot of stuff within my budget of £20. Also bought a “vase” which is actually just a plastic flower pot, and some oasis, then had fun putting it all together this afternoon.

We’ve been doing a book called “What’s Under the Sea” for the last few weeks, and it’s so interesting. I’ve mentioned before about the whales, but lately we’ve been doing the seabed, and the plates that move together, and hot springs, and smokers. To add interest to their learning, I got a DVD called “Deep Blue” from Browns, which we watched this afternoon. It was fantastic, and exactly what we’ve been learning about. It’s a different series to the other nature videos we sometimes get from the library, which are the nonsense ones about mythology and evolution and all that. This one had very little narration, but orchestral music throughout. They mentioned the Marianas Trench, which is the deepest part of the sea, and is in the Pacific Ocean (FYI), and we saw the hot springs, and coral, and deep-sea fish that light up…there are some incredibly spectacular species of fish in the depths where there is no natural light. Their transparent bodies pulsate with colourful lights, it’s amazing. Even the boys were awestruck… Aaron commented that they are “so beautiful”. Less people have been to the depths of the sea than have been to the moon!! I highly recommend Deep Blue for everyone, it’s hugely interesting and very well put together.

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