Sunday, September 17, 2006

Preacher Caleb

This afternoon the boys attended a birthday party at the Mule Yard (that’s the playground area next to the swimming pool, overlooking the coffee co). I got my times muddled though and arrived an hour early, so the boys played on the equipment with the birthday girl, who was also there early. I had taken a book along with me to read, so I occupied myself happily while the boys played. The party lasted the rest of the afternoon, with a few games, and eating a meal of chicken and chips, and all the other party foods. Mostly the kids (about 30?) played on the stuff and with each other, and everyone had fun. Caleb and Aaron especially had a good time, happily blending in with the other kids. They have no socialization problems!

The work on the chapel (the inside) is finally, and completely, finished. It is all clean and ready for tomorrow. Even the 22-year-old red carpet running down the aisle has been repaired – where there was a tear up near the front, it was cut clean on both sides, and then duck tape stuck underneath, and the join can hardly be seen. The gallery looks amazing – only two pews in there now, which have been restored, and not a thing else. Steve put in new railings all around it, so children can’t fall through, and it’s very inviting now. We might make it a rule that children are NOT allowed up there during the service though, because with all the space up there, the temptation would be to walk around, and that would make a noise.

Yesterday the boys were playing some action game of transformers and cops and robbers or something, and Aaron was pretending to be the robber. The conversation went something like this:
Aaron, in a deep voice: “I’m a robber, and I steal things.”
Caleb, also in character: “You mustn’t steal, stealing is bad. If you ask God, he’ll forgive you and help you be good.”
I had to smile to myself. It’s great to see that God is included in their playing!

Since it had been such a lovely day yesterday, we decided to drive to Longwood and let the boys play. Would you believe it though, it started raining almost as soon as we were out of town, and we’ve never seen such bad weather at Longwood – it wasn’t raining hard, as such, but so foggy you could hardly see a thing. Well, we turned around and drove home, eating our goodies on the way, and then stopped off at the fortress at the top of Jacob’s Ladder and sat watching the sea for a while – not that we could see much of that either with the rain again, but it was fun anyway. Pizza for supper last night, one of the better ones I’ve made. I hope we still enjoy the real deal when we have it again. I can’t imagine what an oven-fired pizza even looks like anymore, nevermind what it tastes like! I’m getting so used to my home-made one.

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