Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday was a very pleasant day. The weather was good again, and the same today, so it seems like it’s definitely warming up for spring. Since the weather was so good, we drove to the country during the afternoon, more specifically to Plantation House, armed with the picnic blanket, a bit of cake which was given to Nick at church from someone’s birthday, and juice for the boys. We also had some National Geographics in the car, so while we sent the boys running to the other side of the field, we paged through magazines. It was very restful and enjoyable, although typically a little on the cool side up there. At home, we mucked about the rest of the day, playing with the boys in the lounge for a while. After supper of toast, Nick started drumming a rhythm on the table, and before we knew it, the boys each had a pot and two utensils, so there we all were making the hugest noise. Nick had a wooden spoon and I had an empty plastic cup. The fun you can have with kitchen stuff!

Church last night was well attended, and Nick deviated again from his John series to preach a message on “Paul Curses Heretics”. It was a message that the Lord laid on his heart to preach, to warn our people against the false teachings of the Anglican church on the island. The Anglican, or Church of England, church here, is of the non-evangelical wing, which teaches faith+works, and sacramentalism (regeneration through the sacraments, eg baptism, last rites, Eucharist, marriage etc) which is of course non-biblical. It was a brilliant message, perhaps even one of the best he’s preached, and he did it with much love and grace. There were even a couple of Anglicans in the service; perhaps the Lord prompted them to be there! I think there was a mixed reaction to his message, although he hasn’t actually received any negative feedback.

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