Sunday, August 06, 2006


We decided to go to High Knoll Fort after lunch, just to get out the house and do something. There’s not much on the island that we haven’t done, other than the various walks, so no new places to see. The boys enjoy High Knoll though anyway. We ate some chips and Willy Wonka Wobbly Fruit Drops and had some grapefruit liquifruit (all from the reductions shelf), and then wandered around up there. It’s looking very green in there. With all the rain, lots of weeds and even little wildflowers have sprung up, quite pretty.

I hired the DVD “The Polar Express” for the boys to watch this afternoon. We seem to be starting a family thing, that on Saturday afternoons we watch a DVD together, at least in winter. If it were summer we would have been swimming. It was a really good movie, all animated but such brilliant animation you sometimes wondered if you were watching real people, with Tom Hanks as the voice of the train conductor. A Christmas movie about believing in Santa. Not a great message for the boys, but lovely anyway. Caleb asked about 4000 questions and Aaron got scared in some places. Worthwhile watching if you feel like a feel-good movie with no swearing.

I started building a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on Thursday and am about halfway. It’s a castle, with lots of red and pink flowers in the foreground, and lots of sky. I’ve done the sky and castle, now awaits the horrible challenge of all the flowers. Fun to do it though in bits and pieces (oh, ha ha). We saw another 1000 piece on sale at the Emporium for £1, so I might go back and get it. It looks worse than the one I’m doing now though, with a tree-covered road and autumn leaves everywhere. Might be nigh unto impossible, but for £1 who cares?

Caleb often talks about his friend Toby from playschool, who says “cheeps” instead of “chips”, and was reminiscing today, and then he added, “but Toby doesn’t have any hair. He only has bumps on his head.”

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