Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Give me forgiveness"

I have arranged a pyjama party / sleepover for the Good News Club girls in grades 5-7, there are 8 invited. I made invitations this morning, really for the parents’ benefit, and gave them out to the girls, and they are SOOO excited about it. I was pleased at their enthusiastic response! Seems like they all want to come. We’ll have it on Friday 1st September, and do stuff like painting our toenails and watching girlie DVDs and having pudding. The whole point of the evening, actually, is to discuss dating and sex with them. I want to get them while they’re young enough to listen, just before they actually start getting too interested in boys. The island morality is very different to God’s morality, and I want them to understand the difference and the reasons why.

This afternoon, I asked Nick if we could go for a drive and have our tea somewhere other than at home, since this weekend we actually have a car and it’s working. We drove and drove, looking for somewhere that wasn’t raining, enjoying the greenery and reddery of the mountain scenery, and ended up at Rosemary Plain (where it was raining anyway). We were going to have tea out the boot, but then Caleb spotted a bus shelter across the road, facing towards the sea, so we sat in there. It was spacious, clean and dry and very comfortable. We think it is an ideal picnic spot for rainy days and may well go there again. Have you ever heard of people making a bus stop their actual destination of choice for an afternoon tea?

We had our usual devotion after supper, and Nick touched on becoming God’s child. Aaron wanted to know how you can become God’s child, and so Nick explained all about asking for forgiveness. So during the prayer time, Aaron’s prayer was, “Dear God, please give me forgiveness, Amen.”

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