Sunday, August 13, 2006

Date at Donny's and more

Last night Nick and I went to Donny’s for supper, with Steve and Maureen babysitting. It was great fun! The strange thing is going out on a date and having so many people that you know at the same restaurant. I mean, this doesn’t begin to compare with Wimpy at Northgate – we knew almost everyone there! It was really fun though and I laughed a lot. I seemed to talk a lot too, with Nick just commenting here and there enough to keep me going. But he enjoyed it too and thought the way I was laughing at my own jokes quite amusing. I had a pork chop meal (pork chop, delicious, with chips and salad), and Nick had a cheeseburger. There was nothing to do after that so we just went straight home, and had a cup of tea with Steve and Maureen.

The ship returned from Cape Town this morning, after having been in dry docks for two weeks. It was a welcome sight, looking a bit like a ghost ship in the rain. We always check for post on the day the ship arrives, and today we weren’t disappointed – the first part of our homeschool curriculum for next year arrived!! I couldn’t believe how quickly it got here. The box didn’t feel very heavy, so I guessed that it didn’t contain all the books, and we opened it up as soon as we got home - it’s the science kit, and maths manipulatives, as well as a very thick and strong “tote bag”, which was a free gift, and a CD of “Sing the Word” – learning memory verses through song. The science kit contains things like magnets, mirrors, bean seeds, potting soil, iron filings, yeast, citric acid, and all sorts of other interesting goodies. In the Maths manipulatives, which comes in a really big and strong plastic container, there were dominos, index cards, plastic shapes, plastic cubes and base ten blocks, beads, clocks, all sorts of fun stuff. You can imagine that Caleb is really excited to get into next year’s curriculum! I am so impressed with Sonlight’s packaging and presentation. Looking forward to getting the books, but still not expecting them any time soon. It’s a mystery why this box arrived on its own, but I’m not worried.

I had some opportunity today to catch up on reading, and have been very encouraged in my role as Pastor’s wife through the book I’m reading, “Being a Minister’s Wife and being yourself”, by Nancy Pannell. The chapter which particularly blessed me was on being salt – being active in the community. Kind of made me realize that there are plenty of people on the island who I can be a friend to – I don’t need to (and shouldn’t) stick to my church community. Another reason why this island experience will be such a growth point!

In the meantime, Caleb was at the church happily occupying himself with climbing up and down the scaffolding and chatting to the men. He came home to tell me that he climbed all the way to the top. I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it, but now that he has mastered it he is quite adept. I took a photo of him at the top, and you can also see the progress on the church. The painting is nearly finished, but still lots of little jobs to do.

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