Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Baby

Yesterday, as soon as Nick came home from church at 12, we left for the docks. You can imagine that we had been looking forward to getting Nick’s new baby as well as our parcels from Ascension, as we were down to digestive biscuits and needed a snack boost. We are happy to say that the guitar arrived safely with no incident, and Nick couldn’t wait to get home and unpack it and try it out. It is a beautiful black Ibanez electric guitar.

Last night we hosted a South African couple for a humble supper of soup and toast, as they wanted to attend the evening service but were staying on the ship and would have missed their supper. They are very solid Baptists, and it was wonderful to have fellowship with them.

I visited a new friend today, specifically to do beading. I took all my beads and the bits and pieces, as well as some of the things that I’ve made, to show her, since she’s quite new to the hobby. We had a super visit together, chatting for at least an hour and a half before we even had tea, and then I showed her how to make a bracelet which I had made. Her daughter had given her a book with a lot of beading projects, very pretty, but a different technique to mine, using thread instead of wire, so I’ve borrowed the book and am going to try do something tonight. I stopped off at the hardware on the way home and bought some fishing line which is perfect for the thread.

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