Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another island shortage

It’s official: Potato Shortage. First thing this morning, I went off to the shops on the potato hunt. Victoria’s didn’t have any, but said I should try Queen Mary’s. I raced off there, and they had only a few small bags, and I was permitted to buy only two – probably about 1 kg each. They said I should get to the Half Tree Hollow Spar asap, as they might have, so I drove straight there without stopping. Not a single potato though. So that’s it then – I have about 2 or 3 kgs of potatoes to last for the next three weeks. Wendy gave us a packet of them last night at Bible Study. I think I’ll be okay though! It’s just funny that there’s already this shortage, since the ship’s just been.

After my shopping, we settled down for school. Not much to do today, and then some reading for Caleb. He’s improving, I’m glad to say, or otherwise I’m giving him easier stuff that he can handle better. Either way, it was pretty good. I give him simple sentences to read, like “Must we bake a cake?” and “Ice-cream is nice to lick.” Sometimes he struggles with words, but mostly he can work them out.

Nick finished his sermon prep today and tonight he’s working on the next series of radio broadcasts. He’s doing the studio work on Friday morning, and they will be broadcast next week – it’s the “thought for the day”, sort of a prologue. On the 29th we will be having a combined service at Head o’Wain which will be recorded for broadcast too.

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Solomon Kane said...

How often do the supply ships come in?