Friday, August 11, 2006

Chief Housekeeper

This morning we went to the George Benjamin Arboretum. We wandered around the hillside a while to see what else was up there before doing the actual proper trail. The boys had no problems with it, until we got on to the road and they realized that there was still quite a bit of walking to be done, and then complained a bit, but mostly they were fine and enjoyed it. I cleaned the house after lunch. Caleb wanted to help, so he took over the dusting. At some point he changed from being the helper, to being the master and commander of the housework operation. He started giving me jobs – “please clean the stairs” (which I had just finished sweeping) and “make sure you put away the washing”. Sir, yes sir!! At least I know that he’s aware of mess and sees dirt – that’s a good start to any person’s cleanliness! The boys were aware of their old curtains being gone, but weren’t very impressed with the new ones – not that they dislike them, it just took a bit of convincing that the new ones are better. I was impressed with the fact that Aaron only got out of bed at about 6.45, which means that they work!

I heard this morning that the airport might actually be delayed, by up to a year, because of all the problems with the tendering.

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