Sunday, December 05, 2010

My baby is 8!

The boys could not restrain themselves this morning and thus at 5.50 am I heard noises in the diningroom as the present hunt began. Aaron had been so excited about his pending birthday that I have to wonder if he'd already been lying awake for ages, waiting for daylight! After that followed the regular Sunday activities, and being the first Sunday of the month it was a fellowship lunch day too. We prayed for Carl and Miriam and the boys as we send them off to Greymouth where Carl has already taken up a new post. It is interesting that the Lord has opened a door for them so close to the Pike River mining disaster - what plans does He have for them to minister, one wonders? After lunch we sang to Aaron over the traditional "I-can't-ice-a-birthday-cake" smartie-topped chocolate cake (in NZ Smarties are called Pebbles and have a shinier coating). It was another grey and chilly day so before the evening service we were content to curl up under a duvet and watch Aaron's birthday DVD, Prince Caspian.

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