Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hot, hot Saturday

Look at these gorgeous clouds - reminded us of the towers of cauliflower you see in the sky in Joburg.
Family Foto Takes 1-20ish: all were unsuccessful. Here is the best one, trying to get the remote working:At lunch time I moved from my usual seat next to Aaron at the diningroom table to sit on the other side as I was in an unpleasantly cool breeze but thought the rest of the family would like the fresh air. Aaron said he was sad that I was not sitting beside him; I touched Caleb on the arm, Caleb touched Nick, Nick touched Aaron and Aaron was happy again. My family is so funny and I am so loved. I am blessed!
Had planned to have the Camerons around to tea but invited them to join us at Caroline Bay earlier to give the boys opportunity to muck about in the sea. It had been cooking hot all day but our feet touching the sand coincided with a southerly springing up. Was still pretty mild though and the boys had a good time (until Aaron capsized and hurt himself, and Caleb didn't really enjoy the boat at all). Went back to our place for spaghbol, salad, garlic bread and ice-cream cones, and set the men to work on DIY jobs.

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