Friday, December 17, 2010

Funnish day

The fun day which was planned for Caroline Bay as an end-of-year celebration for the school was rained out, so instead the activities were shifted to the school premises. We had a late and lazy morning and arrived slightly late at the school, but no matter - it was a sort of free-and-easy come-as-you-please and please-go kind of day. There was a movie on in Room 5, games in the hall, board games in the library, and arts and crafts in Room 1. Lunch was a sausage sizzle in the hall with plenty of reverberating noise, but it was a good morning for the kids all in all. In the afternoon I became a legalized driver - about time, as we've been here 10 months and would be headed for a fine if I presented my SA drivers' license on demand. Had to wait for ages in the queue but it was fairly painless after that and I was relieved to pass my eye test, as Nick failed his and still needs to visit an optometrist. After tea (since we weren't having guests I reverted to Friday Night Pizza), I iced The Cake. I need practice. I didn't use the almond paste under the white icing, so the lumpy fruit bits made dents and blobs appear on the outside. And I wasn't using a rolling pin so it was difficult to get the icing rolled out to a big enough piece - so it didn't quite cover all the way down the sides. Ribbon hides a multitude of sins though and the final result was satisfactory - for a first timer!

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