Sunday, December 19, 2010

The First Noel

With no Sunday School during the holidays we didn't need to get to church at the usual 9.30, although because Bronwyn and I needed some extra music practice we arrived at the normal Sunday time anyway. Services were good. We were home for lunch; the Kempfs called in for a cuppa before the afternoon service. Jesse and Sam didn't even make it as far as the front door - the trampoline is too strategically placed! Our afternoon service was a carols service and Nick preached a short message on "The Angels' First Christmas Carol" - imagining how the angels would have sounded, how glorious their song of praise as they sung with comprehension of the glory of God come down as a baby; the true meaning of Christmas was certainly not hid from their eyes. Christmas has been hijacked in so many directions - we are told that St Nicholas was a good guy and should be happily placed alongside Jesus; Rudolph and his red nose are repeatedly serenaded while we all dream of white Christmasses and presents under the tree. Christmas is, and always has been, about Jesus - His birth and the unfolding of God's plan of redemption.
With this in mind we were cautious in attending a carols concert at the Theater Royale in town after church, but it made for a novel (and free) outing.

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