Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fellowship picnic

Last week's postponed church picnic could go ahead today as the Lord blessed us with clear skies and a warm breeze - just the perfect weather for a picnic at Centennial Park. The numbers swelled around midday when everyone who was coming, came. There was cricket happening in center field, chatting on the rise in the shade, and exploring and hut-making on the mountain. I think it was a successful event although we did miss those who couldn't be there! By 2 pm-ish it started clouding over so our tentative plan for an afternoon beach excursion was canned, but we visited with Andreas and Danielle late afternoon for coffee. Andreas has done a barista course and is quite proficient at producing marvellous little cups of coffee with swirly milk patterns. Nick provided some guitar entertainment - we thought coffee for music was a fair trade!

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