Saturday, July 05, 2008

Let's do dinner!

School this morning was fine, other than me being in no mood for the boys’ silliness, but we ended early again (11.30), and then went out to Sally’s shortly thereafter for our usual Friday lunch. Nick and I both had the soup as well as a sandwich, simply because it’s so delicious (and of course healthy). We enticed Harry, Jennifer and Peter to join us at Castle Gardens with their home-packed lunch, and despite the cold wind blowing we had a good time of fellowship. Jenny was wanting to have us over again for a meal, so we arranged to have it this very night! No time like the present. So, after some scrapping in the afternoon, and some visitors for Nick, we headed over to their place at 5.30. We took a bottle of swanky-looking non-alcoholic sparkling grape-juice dressed up in a brown paper bag, as Harry had said we could come and have beer and wine and a lekker party. “We don’t drink”, I said. “Neither do we!” he replied. We played a game of Balderdash, which Nick aced by far, but had much fun – and we were all sober.

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