Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have some custard with your pudding

Well, this afternoon’s meeting with the printer had to get postponed, because Nick went out to Head o’Wain to continue with the path, and although I wouldn’t have minded walking to town and back, I couldn’t have taken the boys with or left them here, because they had their Friday afternoon meeting going at 3. I didn’t think it wise to have five or six boys playing in the schoolroom with no adult supervision nearby! So it’s been rescheduled for Monday afternoon at 3 pm. Instead, I spent some time weeding the front garden, so everything in there is supposed to be there now. There are bits of green dotted all over. An arum has come up on its own; the bulb is probably still from the plantings that my Dad did in 2006. Many of the marigolds which I planted are thriving, and in fact one has even flowered, but the longer I took to get them in, the more wilted they became, and the worse they look. I think only the corner section ones have survived. It’s okay though, I’ll try again but just get them into the ground quicker next time.

We left for Kyle and G’s house at about 5 pm, getting to a very cold Longwood before 5.30. They have been adopted by a stray cat and her three kittens, who hang around the house, but unfortunately have fleas so we couldn’t pet them. Such cute little things though. Nick was all for taking one home with us, but my voice of reason was loud and determined in stamping out his fluffy idea. We had a lovely evening with the Williamsons – great food and very easy conversation all evening. We exchanged some of our ₤₤₤ for their $$$, as our Maths course always uses American money, and so it’s helpful to actually have the right coins now. We had an interesting discussion about the meaning of words (what’s that called?); where we call anything that follows supper “pudding”, their pudding is custard, and dessert is our pudding. Confusing! The boys played well, but our boys got sillier as the hour got later, and so there were a few breakdowns at some points. We were home shortly before 10, and well ready for bed.

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