Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting in some practice

Nick and I went for a walk this morning. We haven’t been together for ages, because of the recent bout of flu which is finally starting to wear out, and so we enjoyed the walk, and being outside in the early morning. We sat on Jacob’s Ladder for a short while, looking at the very calm sea and the green mountains. I started school shortly after nine with the boys, kind of making up as I went along what we would be doing. I assigned them a few sight / spelling words to write neatly, and Aaron wanted to do a show-and-tell of a caterpillar he found yesterday (which poo’d on his hand while he was holding it). Then we made some cupcakes from a box mix which I bought on sale, which was a reading lesson for Caleb and a cooking lesson for Aaron, as Caleb directed us. Aaron broke the egg into the mixture, but he doesn’t possess any finesse when it comes to the delicate touch required! I don’t think there were any shells in the mix though, at least not in my cupcake. Those were ready some time during tenzees, after which we did the maths, and then we decided to do a newspaper. The boys dictated the latest news stories to me from the last few days, which we formatted in a rough draft on a piece of A4 paper, which I then typed out later. In the afternoon I had a guitar-playing session with Pam, one of our ex-pat ladies, who has started playing with Nick and me in the Sunday evening worship. We are going to try combine our resources of songs we have and know, so she played some that were unfamiliar to me, and I did likewise. It was really great, and Nick joined us for a few songs here and there too.

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