Friday, May 16, 2008

The nose knows

I had a doctor’s appointment today, to try sort out three issues – I have been saving them until I thought it was time to go and get them all fixed up at once! I was sent for blood tests, an x-ray, and I have another appointment next Thursday. Before my 10.30 appointment, we had school, actually finishing our whole morning’s work as we started early – we were on the go by 8.15, and finished our language and Maths by 9! It was a bit strange listening to the morning news at 9, knowing that we already had a huge chunk of work behind us, when normally we are only getting ready to start. Aaron came downstairs after a wee, saying in a very pleased way that he had a little perfume in his pocket. I was puzzled; he fished around for a while before producing a toilet duck refill! Ha ha ha. The boys noticed before I did that something was smelling bad in the kitchen, and Nick noticed it too when he was sitting down reading a magazine while I was making pizza. He discovered that the potato bag had gone soggy on one side and the smell was definitely coming from there – two or three of them had gone bad, so Nick took them all outside, washed off the good ones, and buried the rotten ones – they really stunk!

Nick got up on the roof today with some waterproofing tape which we found at the DIY – it is essentially cloth tape soaked in tar, with which he covered the worst holes in our roof. We’ll have to wait until the next spell of rain before we know if it’s worked to stop the leaks.

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