Saturday, May 24, 2008

More dental work

I had a dentist appointment this morning to do a permanent filling in the tooth I cracked, where he had just put in a temporary. Fortunately most of the horrible work had already been done, so he just needed to numb the gum (ie half my face), drill out the temporary, and then put in a nice smooth permanent. I was a bit concerned that lying in the chair might cause discomfort to the hole in my neck, but it was absolutely fine. Nick had had to drop me off at the dentist because I’m not going to try driving yet, so he fetched me again after about 40 minutes. He had been to town in the meantime for bread and cereal and tonight’s DVD. I couldn’t make pizza for supper, so instead I assisted Nick in the making of an English breakfast – we were given eggs last night, so we had four of those scrambled, with cheese grillers, bacon, beans, tomato and toast. Yummy!

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